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Heartbits is an app that transforms your heartbeat into digital art.

To share with those you miss.

Available at

S H A R E   Y O U R   L O V E



What if you could send your heart to those you’ve been missing? Heartbits is an app that collects heartbeats and sends them to those you love. Just cover the phone's back camera with your index finger, relax and think about this person. 


The app collects your heartbeat through the pulse on your finger and turns this data into sound (your heartbeat), vibration (the phone will vibrate in real time) and a 15-second video. At the end of this capture, you can type a small message and send it to that person you really want to give a hug and say: I miss you, you are important to me.

who we are

Midiadub is an interdisciplinary creative production studio formed by artists, designers, storytellers and developers. Our work intersects art and technology in an organic way to create immersive and interactive stories. We create motion images that will be present in the media of the future.

Estudio Guto Requena reflects on memory, culture and poetic narratives in the different scales of design, such as objects, spaces and cities. What connects all of our projects is the desire to investigate new forms of design and digital technologies that can stimulate emotions, empathy and the sense of collectiveness. Our passion is to hybridize the analogical to the virtual.


Experience Development -

Estudio Guto Requena e Midiadub

Original Concept-

Guto Requena

Technological development of the app -

André Mattos, Arthur Boniconte e Gabriel dos Santos

Programming of heartbeat sensor -

André Mattos e Bruno Aricó

Graphic design -

Tiago Toledo

Coordination -

Camila Gonçalves e Rodrigo Jurados

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